Senior Design Project Summary

Last Whistle

Last Whistle is an application made by Texas Wesleyan Senior Design Team
during Spring 2018 Semester. Our application's main purpose is to make it
easier for customers to reserve, schedule and make a payment for their
favorite sport. After following all the steps, the users will just need to show
up at our facilities and start enjoying their favorite sport.

Our application consists of website and android application. We are pretty aware
that mobile phones are nowadays sometimes even more popular than computers, and
that's why we made our application compatible with Android phones too. Our website
consists of several different web pages where the user can do multiple things.
For example, we have Contact Us page where the users will be able to see the contact
information about each member of our team. Another example would be About Us page
where the users can read some basic information about our company. Also, the most
important feature of our website is reservation page where the users are able to pick
the date and time for the particular facility they would like to rent, reserve the
time and finally make a payment.

For our project we used couple of different programming languages and tools. When it
comes to our website, the front end was designed in HTML, Bootstrap and CSS. The back
end was done in PHP, Javascript, and ajax. For the database that was used to store all
the information and reservations, we used MySQL database. When it comes to Android
application, it was developed in software called Android Studio which is basically using
programming language called Java.

Some of the future implementation of our application could be restaurants, movie theaters,
taxi companies, etc. Do you still want to wait in the line when you can use LAST WHISTLE?