CSC 4384

SPRING 2016 – Team 1

Project Name: University Bazaar


Team Members:

Instructor: Bahram Khalili


Project OverView:

      University Bazaar is an android application that serve students in varies ways. It is an application that will bring the university community together in a different way. Students are able to form clubs such as sport clubs, where students can organize meetings and post information or events. Also, University Bazaar provides students with an event system which present university based events, for example, career fare, movies, plays, and so on. Market is another feature which University Bazaar provides, students can buy, sell or trade items such as books, furniture, etc. Housing is essential for students, university bazaar provides a housing system where students can rent, find a sublease or search for roommates. Furthermore, businesses near the university can post advertisements, promotions and coupons. University Bazaar is significant for student life with all these features listed above, students will have an easier student life style.


Technology we have used:

1-Android 4.4 (Kitkat) we chose android kitkat because we thought that it had the most fitting features , also we wanted to reach most phones.

2-PHP is a web programing language, we used it to connect the android application and database.

3-MySql  is a database provided by oracle 

4-Android studio (editor) is the official editor provided by google


Project Screen Shot

Login Page

Registration Page

Home Page

Drawer Page

Event Page

Market Page

Roommate Page

User Information Page

Change Password Page

Feedback Page