welcome CSC4391/SUM18!

cant wait

dreams of millions
  1. will start on the 14th of June
  2. ill support my country "Saudi Arabia"
Email " myalthabet.txwes.edu"

"a lot of players will miss the cup"

on the 14th Jun the games will start

Mosalah has done a great season with his team Liverpoool and the eyes will be on him and on the most famous players such as "Ronaldo"&"Messi" but Mo's suppurter are afraid because he got and injury before the world cup 2 weeks earlier but hopefully he can do his best during this cup

Saudi Arabia schedule

games Teckit price thoughts
Saudi Arabia vs Russia teckit=800$ hopefully 2/1 saudi arabia
Saudi Arabia vs uruguay teckit=950$ 3/1 uruguay
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt teckit=1200$ 3/0 Saudi Arabia

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