Senior Design Project
Personal Health Monitoring System (PHMS)

Senior Design Project

Team project                                         Instructor  
   Naif Alabdulaziz                                     Dr. Khalili      
Othman Aloraini                                                          
Marwan Alhumyed                                                      
Mohammed Althuwayqib                                            

Executive summary: Personal Health Monitoring System is an Android Application
that can be used by Android user.The application is the use of mobile phone applications
to allow user to self manages and improves their health conditions.

	      Homepage                                                                          Medication

Homepage that display all functions icons. To help user to take medication on time and set reminder alarm.
Some of the skills that I have learn from this project:
  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • Databases SQLite
  • Design
  • Teamwork