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Our goal in developing the ParkAid parking assistive system, is to ease the parking experience for faculty and students. ParkAid helps the user find an appropriate parking spot nearest to the user, located through sensory information communicated via servers already present in the campus vicinity. Our system is a mobile-based application developed for better security and performance; we also plan to develop Web application for the betterment of the user. We believe, as time is a very important constraint for students and on an average a student spends about 10 minutes to find a possible parking spot, so plan to ease that for us and for the future students. ParkAid is developed by 4 senior computer science students as a part of the senior design class. ParkAid has a mobile application and can be viewed through web as well.

For this project we used various resources such as Raspberry Pi, LiDAR lite garmin V3, Python, plotly, unity 3d amongst others. This project is a gentle mix of hardware technologies and our usual computer science softwares

ParkAid is open to further enhancements with added features and can be used in areas such as big event parking, security and gun control as well.

For further details, contact us and we will guide you through the process

Prajwal Gautam

Sarang Gujar

Mohammed Althabet

Mohammad Aldaboubi

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