Fix the Fox
(Some stories never end)



I am sunny and I am from India, which is also known as the hoard of mythology and spirit. But I always try to be poles apart from it. I have lived a really small life, but I have learnt a lot from it. People think I behave arrogantly with cherry-picked attitude but for me this is my strength. If I am able to get even a little amount of success then the credit goes only to my attitude. But at the same time, I haver never cares about what people thinks of me and that work as a propeller in my life. My actual strength comes from the belief of my mom on me and, unfortunately, she is not here with me, but she will be my inspiration during my entire life. I personally believe that all of us sometime, somewhere in our life, encounter something that shakes us from top to bottom and passing away of my mom was the most disastrous thing that can ever happen with me.When she was alive, her greatest ambition was to discover a great human being out of me, who can bring a change in this world and this is going to be the one and only ambition of my life.

My belief

I believe that a person`s inner strength and capability is determined by the way he/she act around the environment or, in other words, the way we communicate act as an anonymous identity card, which let others know about our character and caliber. And whatever we do if we are doing it right abiding by law then we don`t need to care for anybody`s else critics about our work. Our intelligence is not determined by the kind of work we are doing rather it is determined by the amount of effort we putting into it. We should always remember that everyone, every minute on this planet is trying to do some sort of work and all the human beings normally do the same kind of work, but it is only the intellectuals like Einstein, who do the same work differently. there is nothing like normal in this world, it is just the other name for lifelessness. We should always try to make a sense of life by our heedless effort for finding that one reason for which we are on this earth. life is not about success or failures, it is all about moving ahead with same strength and determination as if we have just started. we should try to learn from everything we do, whether it`s talking with people, watching a movie, listening to an educated or uneducated person`s wisdom. we never know which idea will change the planet. so, we should always try to be hungry to learn more and more till the limit of our potential.

AS A Computer Science Major

Mountain View