Fantasy Sports is an opportunity to be a Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban

When I initially began playing it was an activity that tended to be frowned upon; especially by “sports purest”. It kinds of provides a way for the nerds and geeks of the world to participate in sports. Participants get to put themselves in the role of real sports team owners and general managers by “drafting” the players they feel will perform better in their given sports competition.

Whereas the winner in real sports is the team or individual who gets the most points. In fantasy sports the winner is the team that accumulates the most points via the stats. Stats include everything including but not limited to touchdowns scored, yards passed, yards rushed etc. for football to baskets scored, rebounds, assists, steals, etc.

Fantasy Sports has become a $26 billion a year industry that is no longer just for geeks. Apart of its growth is Daily Fantasy Sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports is different than traditional fantasy sports in that if you are in a traditional league, you draft a team of players which you have to manage for an entire season in hopes of making it to the playoffs and hopefully winning your leagues championship. DFS doesn’t require such a commitment. You only draft a team for a particular set/day of games hoping to win or lose.