Web Page Assignment Part II

Learning Objectives

You have finished your first personal web page assignment and published it on the course website (http://cscdevprod01.txwes.edu/~yourusername). You are encouraged to invite your professors from other classes, friends and classmates to visit your web pages and ask them to give you some feedback or suggestions to your web pages for improvement. As you already know, creating web pages is fun but also requires a lot of effort and practice. As such, the web page assignment in this class is divided into several smaller sub-assignments, so you can add more content in your website incrementally and make them look better and better as you learn more from the class. In this sub-assignment, you will learn how to embed multimedia content such as videos and audio files in your web pages.


Typically, there are multiple web pages in a website. When you visit a page, you need to use the complete web address of the page including the file name. For example, http://cscdevprod01.txwes.edu/~yzhang/csc1310/tutorial-3.html is a typical web address or URL for the web page named tutorial-3.html. However, if you don't specify a particular file name in a web address, normally, the file named index.html will be displayed for you. When creating a website, we prefer to have an index.html as the starting (entrance) page. Other pages are linked from it.

Below are instrutions for this assignment. You may use the tutorials (tutorial 3) on our course website and http://www.w3schools.com as reference.

  1. Choose one of your favorite subjects and create a web page about it. The subject could be about an amazing technology, a person you admire most, a sport you love, a place you visited, a culture you want to share, just to name a few.
  2. Name the page as multimedia.html
  3. Make a hyperlink to the multimedia page in your existing index.html page like:
    <a href="multimedia.html"> My Multimedia Page </a>
    You can put the link somewhere conspicuous on your index.html page so viewers can see it easily.
  4. In multimedia.html, include at least two youtube videos and a vimeo video.
  5. (Bonus) Aduio players (preferably mp3 songs).


Upload your multimedia.html web page file and the modified index.html, along with other multimedia files to the server (cscdevprod01) by the deadline. Make sure your pages display correctly. Your web page address will be http://cscdevprod01.txwes.edu/~your_username.