CSC1321 Programming Language in C++

Date Topics Assignments Notes
8-20 Introduction and class administratives. Familiar with the course resources, rules, grading, etc. Syllabus
Correction Sheet
How to use MS Visual Studio 2010
How to use Xcode to run C++ programs
Online C++ compiler
8-29 Chapter 2 1. Read Chapter 2 (2.1 and 2.2)
2. Programming Assignment: P1 (Printing). Due: the midnight of 8-29 (Wednesday) on Blackboard
Course materials can be found in the course shared folder:
8-31 Chapter 3 In Class Exercises
9-7 Chapter 3 Programming Assignment: P2 (Output). Due: 9-7 (Friday). Test review questions
String Example 1
String Example 2
Temperature Conversion
9-10 Chapter 4 Programming Assignment: P3 (GPA Calculator). Due: 9-14 (Friday). Test review questions
9-19 Test 1 (Ch2, 3, and 4) Close book/notes
9-21 Chapter 5 Programming Assignment: P4 (Conditional Statements). Due: 9/28 (Friday). Chapter 5 Review Questions
10-1 Chapter 6 Looping Programming Assignment: P5 (Loop) Due: 10-5. Chapter 6 Review Questions
10-8 Chapter 7 Additional Control Structures In Class Lab Assignment: Counting Symbols
Chapter 7 Review Questions
8-10 Looping Applications Programming Assignment: P6: Data Processing Due: 8/15.
10-17 Test 2 (Ch5, 6, and 7) Close book/notes
10-19 Random Number Generation Function Assignment: Write Javascript programs to find out the average number of rolls (1) to get two identical numbers from two dice; (2) to get the sum of two dice being 8. You need to conduct at least 500 experiments for each case and then average the results. Due: 10/22. Sample Program .
10-22 Chapter 8 Functions Programming Assignment P7: Ch8 Functions Due: 10-26. Chapter 8 Review Questions
Sample code
10-29 Microsoft Windows Programming P8: GPA Calculator Due: 11-2 Win Programming Tutorial
10-29 Microsoft Windows Programming P9: DFW Airport Parking Fee Calculator Due: 11-5
11-2 Scope, Life Time, and More Functions Review Questons for Chapter 9
11-7 Arrays P10: Array Processing Due: 11-14 Array example code
Review Questons for Chapter 11
11-16 Test 3 (Ch8, 9, and 11) Close book/notes
11-26 More Arrays P11: More Array Due: 11-30
12-3 (Monday, the last day of class) Final Exam (Programming on Computer) Final Exam Information