Windows Programming Assignment II

DFW International Airport Parking Fee Calculator


You are about to develop a software product for the DFW International Airport Parking Administration that calculates parking fees charged to travelers. Use the Vacation Planner as template to develop your parking fee calculator.

The detailed requirements of the software:

  1. Allows the airport parking staff to select arrival (check-in) and departure (check-out) dates, the number of vehicles, and the location where travelers park.
  2. Be able to calculate and display total parking charge.
  3. If travelers pay cash bills more than the total charge, the calculator should display changes ( = cash amount - total charge).
  4. Extra points will be awarded to aesthetic design work.

Daily parking rates for the parking locations are (updated in October 2018):

  1. Remote (South/North): $10
  2. Express Open Air (South/North): $12
  3. Express Covered (South/North): $15
  4. Terminal (A through E): $24
  5. Valet Parking (Airport): $31


0). Before submitting your final software product, ask a classmate to test your software. You need to provide a short description of the test result and tester's name.
1). A screenshot of your final software product with test data on it.
2). C# code only
3). Put both code and screenshot into a pdf file and submit to the Bb.