In Class Exercise 1

Familiar with MS Visual Studio


Work on the following tasks. After completion, you need to show the instructor your work face to face.

  1. Create a MS Visual Studio Project named as InClass on Desktop. A detailed tutorial is given at
  2. Write a new C++ program that converts temperature in Fahrenheit to Celsius. The formula for conversion is C = 5/9*(F-32). Use online converter to check if your program converts correctly. Google Temperature Converter.
  3. After your program works correctly, you need to remove your program from the project and add the program named tempConverter.cpp from the course share drive \\copernicus\Public\csc1321\lecturePrograms to your project and run it. Compare the program with yours to view the difference.
  4. Close your project completely. And then open it again by clicking the solution file in the project folder.
  5. Show your work before you leave.