CSC2320 Data Structures

Date Topics Assignments Notes
8-20 Introduction and class administratives. Familiar with the course resources, rules, grading, etc. Academic Calendar
How to use MS Visual Studio 2010
How to use Xcode to run C++ programs
Online C++ compiler
8-28 Chapter 3 Unsorted List
P1: Programming Assignment (Dynamic Array-Based Library). Due: 9/6
Instructions and code are at:
Sample code from textbook can be found at the course shared folder:
9-7 OOP Programming Assignment Rhino I. Instructions are at \\copernicus\Public\csc1322\Rhino_1 Due: 9/14 to blackboard at 11:59pm
Programming Assignment Rhino II. Instructions are at \\copernicus\Public\csc1322\Rhino_2 Due: 9/17 to blackboard at 11:59pm
9-13 Chapter 3 Unsorted List
HW1: Homework (linked list) Due: 9-18
at \\copernicus\public\csc2320\homework\hw1
9-13 Chapter 3 Unsorted List
P2: Programming Assignment (Library Linked List). Due: 9/24 (Monday)
Instructions and code are at:
Lecture Notes
9-24 Chapter 5 Stack and Queue
P3: Programming Assignment (Stack), Due: 10-2 (Tuesday)
at \\copernicus\public\csc2320\programmingAssignments\prog3
You have two options for this programming assignment: choose either Maze or Reversion of Quotes. Extra points will be given to Maze.
Lecture Notes
10-10 Chapter 7 Recursion
HW2: Homework: #7, #8, #9, #12, #13 a, b, c. Due: 10-18
10-10 Chapter 7 Recursion
P4: Programming Assignment Due: 10-18
at \\copernicus\public\csc2320\programmingAssignments\prog4
10-18 Chapter 7 Recursion
P4_Extra: Programming Assignment Due: 10-25
at \\copernicus\public\csc2320\programmingAssignments\Prog4_Extra