CSC4341 Database Systems Projects

Project Timeline

As stated in the course syllabus, a term project that weighs 20% in final grading is assigned for this class. Students can work on their projects in teams of up to three students. Before starting a project, each team must propose or choose a project and have it approved by the instructor. Below are the phases and timelines for project teams to follow:

  1. Form teams and choose project topics.
  2. Gather detailed technical requirements for the projects.
  3. Design Interface and database.
  4. Implement the projects.
  5. Orally present and demonstrate projects (Last day of class: December 1)
    1. Presentations should include the purpose of the project, database design, technical functionality, and the future use.
    2. Each team member is required to present.
    3. Each team presents up to 15 minutes.
    4. Dress nicely.
  6. Delivery of project documentation
    1. A written report for the project from each team.
    2. A project binder (folder) containing all project activities.
    3. A zipped file containing all the source code and the scripts of database backup.
    4. A single web page (front page) of the description of your projects.
    5. Make sure your projects are linked to our project web page.

Project Grading Rubrics

Students Projects

    *** Note: The student listed first in a team is team leader

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