CSC4391 Contemporary Topics in CS

Spring 2018

Date Topics Assignments Notes
6-4 Introduction and class administrative. Familiar with the course resources, rules, grading, etc. Syllabus
Textbook Companion Website
6-5 Set up websites Set up your course web pages. For example: "" and learn HTML5 and CSS3. Create some test pages and post on your course websites
6-6 Basics of HTML and CSS Be familiar with the html tags (elements) and css styles covered in class. The best way is to create a web page with those tags and a style sheet file and see what they look like in browser.
Assignment P1: Upload your practice page to your course website for grading. Due: 6/11.
Slides can be found at campus share drive: \\copernicus\Public\csc4391
6-12 Basics of Javascript Assignment P2: Write Javascript programs to print out patterns. Due: 11:59pm 6/15 on Blackboard. Sample work
How to create objects in js
6-13 Document Object Model (DOM) Assignment P3: Write Javascript programs to generate a clickable grid . Due: 11:59pm 6/18 on Blackboard. Sample work
6-14 Document Object Model (DOM) In class Exercise E1: Write Javascript programs to generate a table using DOM Sample work

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