CSC4391 Contemporary Topics in CS

Summer I 2018

Date Topics Assignments Notes
6-4 Introduction and class administrative. Familiar with the course resources, rules, grading, etc. Syllabus
Textbook Companion Website
6-5 Set up websites Set up your course web pages. For example: "" and learn HTML5 and CSS3. Create some test pages and post on your course websites
6-6 Basics of HTML and CSS Be familiar with the html tags (elements) and css styles covered in class. The best way is to create a web page with those tags and a style sheet file and see what they look like in browser.
Assignment P1: Upload your practice page to your course website for grading. Due: 6/11.
Slides can be found at campus share drive: \\copernicus\Public\csc4391
6-12 Basics of Javascript Assignment P2: Write Javascript programs to print out patterns. Due: 11:59pm 6/15 on Blackboard. Sample work
How to create objects in js
6-13 Document Object Model (DOM) Assignment P3: Write Javascript programs to generate a clickable grid . Due: 11:59pm 6/18 on Blackboard. Sample work
6-14 Document Object Model (DOM) In class Exercise E1: Write Javascript programs to generate a table using DOM Sample work
6-19 jQuery Assignment P4: Redo the dynamic table assignment using jQuery with statistics. See an example . When clicking a row, hide it slowly. Due: 6/22 on Blackboard Sample code: html code and jQuery code
6-21 jQuery In class Exercise E2: Calculate overall score of a survey. See the form Sample code
6-25 (Monday) Exam I It covers HTML tags, CSS, and DOM Review quiz questions in the course share drive. Be able to write Javascript programs using DOM.
6-26 Processing XML and JSON Data Assignment P5: Write DOM Javascript code to read XML data of CSC course description and generate a course description web page. Repeat it with JSON data. Due: 6/29 (Friday) to Blackboard Samples can be found here . The source code can be found at \\copernicus\public\csc4391
Course Course Description XML Data
Course Course Description JSON Data
If you want to make page display like accordion, see the Collapse Example (Accordion)
6-27 Form Submission In class Exercise E3: Use jQuery to submit form data to server and process it Samples can be found here . Source code can be copied to your csc4391 directory on cscdevprod01 server using the following command:
	cp -r /shared/csc4391/form_submission ~/public_html/csc4391
6-29 Course Project Develop a web page that allows CSC students and faculty to add/delete their web page links. Use thumbnail images of students as links to their web pages. Below the thumbnail images, display full names of students. See the sample page. Due: last day of class A sample XML project and a sample JSON project can be used as starting point. Source code can be copied to your csc4391 directory on cscdevprod01 server using the following command:
	cp -r /shared/csc4391/xml_project ~/public_html/csc4391
	cp -r /shared/csc4391/json_project ~/public_html/csc4391
A sample for uploading image file to server.

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